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Iris Foods Rice Soup Okayu Hatsuga Genmai




This is germinated brown rice porridge and glutinous barley porridge made from Koshihikari rice grown in Uonuma.
The germinated brown rice porridge contains about 30% germinated brown rice.
The glutinous barley porridge contains approximately 30% glutinous barley.
Easy to prepare, just heat in a microwave oven or with boiling water.
In emergencies, it can be enjoyed as-is without heating.
No preservatives, chemical seasonings, colors, or flavors are used.

Low-temperature method
Rice is not able to breathe at high temperatures, which leads to oxidation and a loss of flavor.
The rice is stored, milled, and packaged in a low-temperature factory at 15°C or lower, which is suitable for storing rice, to keep the rice fresh and tasty.



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