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Yamadai Vegan Noodles Tantan




This cup noodle soup is richly flavored with soy bean sauce and sweet soy sauce, and has a gentle, peppery flavor.
No animal ingredients, chemical seasonings, or alcohol are used.
This product is supervised by "T's Restaurant," a vegan restaurant in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo.

72g/40g noodles

Noodles (wheat flour (produced in Japan), salt, soy dietary fiber), soup (sesame, salt, sugar, vegetable oil (rape seed oil, sesame oil), yeast extract, soy bean sauce, onion powder, spices, spiced oil, sweet soybean sauce, protein hydrolysate, shiitake mushroom extract), kayaku (granulated soy protein, Chinese green soybean, edamame, sesame, spices) Spices)/Kansui (brine), polysaccharide thickener, caramel color, antioxidant (vitamin E), acidifier, capsicum color, spice extract, (contains wheat, sesame, soybeans in some cases)



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