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Yamada Seiyu Sesame Oil Hand Pressed




First-squeezed sesame oil finished by Yamada Seiyu's skilled craftsmen!
This sesame oil is made from white sesame seeds, just as it was when the company was founded.

Our sesame oil craftsmen determine when the sesame oil tastes the best depending on the season and weather conditions.
The process of roasting, pressing, hot water rinsing, stillness, and refining, which takes about one month, has been followed for about 80 years without any change. Yamada Seiyu does not use any additives or chemicals, and the oil is handmade in the traditional way. The classic sesame oil goes well with all kinds of foodstuffs. We recommend takoyaki with plenty of green onions! The table-top size makes it easy to use the healthy oil at the table, pouring it over chilled tofu or adding it to miso soup.


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