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Toa Foods Ramen Gluten Free Tonkotsu Style




These noodles are gluten-free and contain no wheat-derived ingredients. The rice flour used as the main ingredient of the noodles is 100% Japanese domestic rice flour. The soup is also gluten-free. No animal ingredients or alcohol are used. Please enjoy the rich, cloudy soup with the flavor of garlic, sesame, and vegetables.

168 g (two servings)

Rice flour [rice flour (domestic), potato starch (non-genetically modified), corn powder (non-genetically modified)].
Seasoning [salt, palm oil powder, soy sauce powder (gluten-free), garlic, sugar, roasted garlic powder, yeast extract, ground sesame, vegetable extract, pepper/seasoning (amino acid, etc.), processed starch, flavor, caramel color, silicon dioxide] (contains soybean and sesame)



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