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Sokensha Dashi Wafu Ichiban




This easy-to-use granulated dashi is made without the addition of any chemical seasonings, and makes full use of the natural flavors of the ingredients. It is made with aromatic and deeply flavored ingredients (dried bonito flakes, dried sardines, and kelp) and soy sauce made from whole soybeans, making it suitable for use in a variety of Japanese dishes. The flavors of the ingredients are carefully selected, and no chemical seasonings or protein hydrolysates are used. Dextrin is a food ingredient made from starch, and is used to make the dashi soluble and granular. When making dashi broth, use 700ml of hot water per bag.

8g x 10

Dextrin: Made in Japan [cassava (Thailand and other overseas countries)], salt (Mexico), lactose (U.S.), flavor ingredients [dried bonito flakes powder (domestic and other overseas countries), dried sardine powder (domestic), dried bonito extract (domestic and other overseas countries), kelp extract (domestic and other overseas countries)], soy sauce powder, powdered fermented seasoning, yeast extract, starch, ( (Some ingredients include dairy, wheat, and soybeans)

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