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Sokensha Curry Roux Okomede Tsukutta




Flake-type curry roux made from 100% rice flour produced in Niigata Prefecture, without wheat flour, and using only rice flour and plant ingredients.
One bag contains 6 servings.

No animal ingredients are used, and only vegetable ingredients are used to create a delicious taste.
Without using any animal ingredients such as lard, beef fat, or animal bouillon/extracts, this aromatic and rich curry roux is made with more than 25 spices for a delicious taste.
As a flake type, it can be used for dry curry, pilaf, stir-fried vegetables, soups, etc.
To preserve the taste of the ingredients, no chemical seasonings, acidifiers, colorings, or flavors are used.
Recommended for those who are cutting back on flour and prefer a lighter curry.

Vegetable oil and fat [palm oil (produced in Japan), organic safflower oil (produced in the U.S.)], rice flour (rice (Niigata Prefecture)), sugar, curry powder, salt, potato starch, yeast extract, apple juice, tomato powder, spices



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