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Ogasawara Seifun Ramen Kirimaru Shoyu




Kirimaru Ramen's 1-serving pack of instant ramen noodles with soy sauce (no chemical seasonings), made with 100% domestic main ingredients (wheat, soybeans, and rice).

Kirimaru Ramen" was launched in 1965 in the Nishimikawa region, centering on Hekinan City, Aichi Prefecture, and is so much a part of the local soul food that there is no one who does not know it! It is so much local soul food that it has been sold since 1965 in the West Mikawa region, centering on Hekinan City, Aichi Prefecture. Production was temporarily halted in 1998, but was revived at the enthusiastic request of local residents.

Allergen Information
Wheat, soybeans, mackerel, sesame.



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