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Nissin Shokuhin Ddekauma Wakame Soba




A large 90g serving of thirst-quenching, straight soba is a great way to eat.
Ingredients are wakame seaweed, kamaboko, fried egg, and green onion.


Fried noodles (wheat flour (made in Japan), buckwheat flour, vegetable oil and fat, salt, vegetable protein, soy sauce), soup (sugar, salt, soy sauce powder, dried bonito flakes seasoning, dried bonito flakes powder, spices, protein hydrolysate), kayaku (seaweed, fried egg, fish paste, green onion) / processed starch, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), phosphoric acid (sodium), phosphate Processed starch, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), phosphoric acid (Na), Ca carbonate, caramel color, acidifier, flavor, antioxidant (vitamin E), chia extract, gardenia color, vitamin B2, benikoji color, vitamin B1, (contains shrimp, wheat, buckwheat, egg, milk ingredients, sesame, mackerel and soybean)



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