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Nagatanien Shijimi 70ko Bun Miso Soup Low Salt 3p




One cup of this miso soup contains ornithine equivalent to 70 shijimi clams.
The taste is concentrated with the umami of shijimi clam. Compared to our "70 shijimi sprouts in 1 cup" miso soup, the salt content has been reduced by 25%.
Recommended for people who want to drink well, wake up refreshed, work hard, and stay young.

Seasoned miso (rice miso (manufactured in Japan), sugar, scallion extract/liquor, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), (contains some soybeans)), garnish (wakame seaweed, seasoning granules (lactose, sugar, ornithine hydrochloride, shijimi clam extract, yeast extract), seasoned shijimi clam, dried green onion/seasoning (amino acid, etc.), antioxidant (vitamin E), (contains some (Contains wheat, dairy ingredients, soybeans))



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