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Momoya Rayu With Fried Garlic




A little spicy raayu that looks spicy but isn't!
This is an edible raayu with a brightly colored, moderately spicy raayu extracted in-house by Momoya.
The texture and flavor of the fragrant fried garlic and fried onions come to life.
We use plenty of fried garlic and onions, which are carefully fried by hand without leaving it to machines. The reason for the crispy texture and savory flavor that other companies cannot follow is that these handmade qualities are demonstrated. They make even simple ingredients like rice and tofu taste amazingly delicious.

Sesame oil, garlic, chili pepper, fried onions, sugar, salt, chili miso (contains soybeans), paprika, ground sesame, onion powder, powdered soy sauce (contains wheat), powdered chili miso/seasoning (amino acid).

Allergen Information
Wheat, sesame, soybeans



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