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Marumiya Shokuhin Furikake Koumi Shiso




This furikake has a well-balanced combination of ingredients such as red shiso, sesame, seaweed, dried bonito flakes, and ume plum, allowing you to enjoy the refreshing "aroma" of red shiso and the "taste" of the various ingredients. The refreshing taste makes it a tasty and easy-to-prepare snack.


Lactose (made in the U.S.A.), shiso, salt, parched sesame, sugar, nori, ground sesame, dried bonito shavings, wheat flour, reduced sugar syrup, glucose, plum vinegar, soy sauce, dextrin, processed oils and fats, oligosaccharides, plum paste, seaweed calcium, extract (yeast, dried bonito flakes), mirin, dairy products, glucose fructose liquid sugar, yeast/seasoning (amino acids, etc.) Seasoning (amino acids, etc.), acidifiers, coloring (red beet, anthocyanin, carotenoids), flavoring, antioxidant (vitamin E), thickener (xanthan), (contains some dairy ingredients, wheat, sesame, soybeans)



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