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Lotte Custard Cake 6p




Custard cake consisting of a fluffy cake with whipped custard cream and custard sauce. This long-selling brand is favored by many customers for the fluffy texture of the cake and the rich eggy and not-too-sweet taste of the custard cream and custard sauce. We hope you will enjoy the delicious taste of our custard cakes.

165g / 6 pieces

Liquid egg (produced in Japan), sugar, wheat flour, shortening, sugar syrup, vegetable oil and fat, lactose, skimmed milk powder, refined milk, alcohol, egg yolk, whole milk powder, reduced sugar syrup, starch, salt, whey powder enriched with protein, whey protein, nonfat milk concentrate, milk protein, food made mainly from milk, dried egg white, agar, whey mineral/ Sorbitol, emulsifier (from soybeans), glycerin, sake spirit, flavor, color (gardenia, paprika pigment)



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