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Kracie Ichikami Nameraka Smooth Care Conditioner Pump




●Thinking about Japanese hair from the essence. *1 hair care brand
●A preventive beauty hair care series that repairs and prevents damage with the power of Japanese herbs, born from research on Japanese hair. The hair is shiny and even the movement of the hair is beautiful, making the hair silkier and making you want to untangle it.
●Contains Pure Japanese Herbal Premium Extract*2, a repairing and preventative ingredient
●Cuticle-smoothing formula
Smooths and smoothes tangled, stiff hair into silky hair that is easy to run your fingers through.
●Repairs and prevents damage caused by friction by conditioning cuticles.
●Sulfate-free formula*3
●Fresh and lovely mountain cherry blossom scent

*1:Research on hair care methods suited to the Japanese climate and environment.
*2: Ashitake leaves, rice bran pure lipid (rice nuka oil), red rice (rice extract), rice germ oil (ingredients derived from carefully selected rice bran), hollyhock, camellia japonica, rice bran extract
*3: Sulfate surfactant-free



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