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Kikkoman Uchi No Gohan Cabbage Garlic Butter Shoyu




If you have 1/6 of a cabbage and 200g sliced pork belly, you can easily make "Cabbage Garlic Butter Shoyu" with only one frying pan.
With only one frying pan, you can easily prepare "Stir-fried Cabbage with Garibatta Soy Sauce".
The soy sauce-based sauce with the aroma of slowly sauteed garlic and the rich umami of butter is well mixed with the ingredients and tastes great with rice.


Soy sauce (including soybeans and wheat) (manufactured in Japan), sugar, vegetable oil and fat, milk and other major food ingredients, salt, garlic, vinegar, fried garlic, vegetable extract, spices, garlic powder, yeast extract, milk and yeast extract seasoning, butter, thickening agent (processed starch), alcohol



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