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Kikkoman Higeta Shoyu Genen




This is a super special class of soy sauce with salt content reduced by 45% while maintaining the umami component.
The sealed bottle preserves quality and ease of use, and Higeta's proprietary process (low-temperature fermentation and low-temperature aging) maintains the original flavor of the original Honjozo soy sauce while reducing the salt content by about half compared to regular Koikuchi soy sauce. Furthermore, the umami content is 20% higher than that of regular koikuchi soy sauce. Furthermore, acidity is reduced by not using acidifiers. This soy sauce is perfect not only for those who are concerned about excessive salt intake, but also for healthy family members.

200 ml

Non-fat processed soybeans (produced in Japan or the U.S.A.) (non-genetically modified), wheat, salt, mirin, sugar, soy sauce, and soy sauce.
Wheat, salt, mirin, soybeans (non-genetically modified), alcohol, vitamin B1



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