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Kewpie Pasta Sauce Tuna Mayonnaise




Just add it directly to boiled pasta!
Tuna Mayonnaise Sauce is an "Aeru Pasta Sauce" that allows you to enjoy pasta easily without heating up the sauce. The umami of tuna is combined with mayonnaise and soy sauce to create a mild Japanese-style sauce. In addition to serving it with pasta, you can also make it into an "Mushrooms and Tuna Mayo" by adding 2 cups of rice, your favorite ingredients, and this pasta sauce to a rice cooker, adding water to the 2 cup mark, mixing lightly, and then cooking the rice!

Sauce: 80g (40g x 2 bags), Toppings: 2 bags

Sauce: Mayonnaise (made in Japan), tuna oil, vegetable oil and fat, tuna extract (tuna extract, salt, reduced sugar), sugar, soy sauce, bonito extract, salt, starch, yeast extract powder/seasoning (amino acid, etc.), thickener (xanthan gum), spice extract, (contains egg, wheat, soybean)
Topping: Nori



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