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Hokkai Yamato Soup Hokkaido Asparagus 3P




This soup mix is made with healthy green asparagus grown on the vast Hokkaido expanse.The use of our special formula makes it possible to retain the flavor and nutrients of asparagus.The mix includes croutons.

How to serve
1. Place the contents of the bag in a cup.
2. Pour in 150 ml of boiling water and stir immediately for 15 seconds. (Adjust the amount of boiling water according to your taste.)
3. The soup is ready in about 1 minute after pouring the hot water.

49.5g (16.5g x 3 bags)

Creaming powder (manufactured in Japan), sweet corn powder, asparagus powder, starch, sugar, powdered candy, salt, powdered vegetable oil and fat, glucose, cheese powder, buttermilk powder, condensed milk powder, nonfat milk powder, onion, wheat flour, protein hydrolysate, spices, croutons, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), thickener (xanthan gum), color (beta-carotene), (contains some milk ingredients, wheat, soybeans) 



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