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Hagoromo Foods Furikake Papatto Tamago




From the "Papatto Furikake" series, which features a wide variety of flavors, from the standard flavors that children like to the spicy series that adults also like, as well as calcium and iron content, this is "Egg Furikake". This product is richly flavored with gently sweetened eggs and nori seaweed. It contains calcium and iron, both of which tend to be in short supply.


Egg-flavored granules (lactose (milk component), egg yolk powder (egg)), seasoned sesame (sesame (parched sesame), other (wheat, soybean)), soy sauce-flavored granules (lactose (wheat, soybean))
Soy sauce flavor granules (lactose (dairy component), soy sauce powder (wheat, soybean)), Seasoned bonito flakes
), seasoned bonito flakes (wheat, mackerel, soybeans), powdered green tea flavored granules (dairy ingredients, chicken, pork), seasoned
Nori (wheat, shrimp, mackerel, soybeans) / seasoning (amino acid, etc.) (soybeans), eggshell Ca (egg), antioxidant (vitamin E)
Antioxidant (vitamin E) (dairy ingredients, soybeans), vitamin D (soybeans)



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