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Fujiya Country Ma'am Vanilla & Cocoa Big Bag




The vanilla and cocoa country mam family size is made with plenty of homemade chocolate chips, and one piece offers two textures, "crispy on the outside and moist on the inside".

180g / 19 pieces (10 vanilla and 9 cocoa pieces)

<Vanilla: Wheat flour (produced in Japan), sugar, vegetable oil and fat, chocolate chips (containing dairy ingredients), reduced sugar syrup, eggs, white sweet bean paste (containing dairy ingredients), soy flour, skimmed milk powder, sugar syrup, salt, egg yolks (containing egg), whole milk powder, food containing milk as its main ingredient / processed starch, emulsifier (from milk, wheat, soy), flavor (Stabilizer (processed starch), caramel color, leavening agent
Wheat flour (manufactured in Japan), sugar, chocolate chips (containing dairy ingredients), vegetable oil and fat, reduced sugar syrup, cocoa, eggs, white sweet bean paste (containing dairy ingredients), nonfat milk powder, sugar syrup, cocoa mass, soy flour, salt, egg yolks (containing eggs), whole milk powder, foods containing milk as the main ingredient/processed starch, emulsifying agent (derived from milk, wheat, soybeans), stabilizer (derived from milk, wheat, soybeans), leavening agent, flavoring agent (derived from milk, soybeans) Flavoring agent (derived from milk and soybeans), stabilizer (processed starch), leavening agent



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