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Food Label Yakiniku No Tare Gyukaku Shoyu Kokuuma




This soy sauce-based yakiniku sauce has a mild flavor and a rich, savory aroma. Hatcho miso and apple juice are used as secret flavors to give it a rich, umami, and refreshing aftertaste.

Fermented seasoning (manufactured in Japan), sugar, soy sauce, reduced sugar syrup, apple products, salt, apple products, salt, soybean paste, vinegar, apple juice, ground sesame, sesame oil, garlic, garlic paste, red pepper paste, sesame paste, onion paste, scorched sesame seeds, ginger paste, chili powder, sake spirit, seasoning (amino acid, etc.)
Seasoning (amino acid, etc.), Processed starch, Caramel coloring
Caramel coloring, (Some ingredients: wheat, soybeans, apples, sesame)

Allergen Information
Wheat, soybeans, apples, sesame



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