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Food Label Gyukaku Shio Dare




This salted sauce has an appetizing aroma unique to garlic.
The flavor of sesame seeds enhances the taste even more.
It is a versatile sauce that can be used not only in the yakiniku scene, but also as a seasoning for yakisoba noodles and fried food.

Hydrated syrup (made in Japan), garlic paste, salt, sugar, protein hydrolysate, soy sauce, and sesame paste.
Protein hydrolysate, soy sauce, sesame oil, soybean oil, ground sesame, vinegar, yeast extract
Sesame paste, Sesame oil, Sesame oil, Sesame paste, Vinegar, Yeast extract, Seasoning (Amino acid, etc.), Processed starch, Sake spirit, Caramelized sugar
Processed starch, sake spirit, caramel coloring
(Contains wheat, soybeans, sesame, gelatin)

Allergen Information
Wheat, soybeans, sesame, gelatin



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