It is the season of American cherries. Send premium American Cherry to your friends and loved ones in Japan!

Auvil Farm Rainier Cherry 1kg




This is 1kg of large Rainier cherries from the prestigious Auvil Farm, the pride of the United States.

Rainier from the Auvil Fruit Company is famous for its sweet and juicy flavor. Similar to Japan's popular variety "Sato Nishiki," Rainier has beautiful skin color and plump flesh.

The Auvil Estate was established in 1928 in the Orondo region of Washington State, U.S.A. by "Grady Auvil" the father of Rainier cherry cultivation.
The winds blowing over the Cascade Mountains create a dry and sunny climate that is ideal for growing fresh, sweet, firm, and tasty cherries.

We will deliver these special cherries, named with the brand name "GEE WHIZ", to Japan with the utmost sincerity. Please purchase them as soon as possible, as they are a perfect gift for your loved ones in Japan.

*Harvested at Auvil orchards in Washington.

【Purchase Deadline】
Last day to order: June 30 (Fri.) 2023

【Shipment is projected around mid-July to the end of July.】
The cherries are harvested at their best condition, color, and sweetness. Order deadline and shipment may change depending on the harvest. Please read the terms of use section for further detail.

1. Multiple orders to the same address may not deliver on the same day. 
2. To customers that provide an e-mail address: An order number and an e-mail message will be sent for each product ordered. This information may be in Japanese only. 
3. Product is shipped in its best condition. A delivery date cannot be scheduled. shipment may vary at most by a month. 
4. Harvesting time frame is limited and shipping is possible only during this time. Please understand the harvesting time frame may change. Multiple orders may not deliver on the same day. 
5. In the event of a natural disaster or unseasonable weather, shipment may inevitably be canceled, and all purchases will be fully refunded. 
6. Size and color may vary depending on harvest and/or weather conditions. 
7. Product will be discarded without refund if the shipping address cannot be verified, or delivery cannot be made due to the recipient’s 



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