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Acecook Maruuma Yuzu Somen




Smooth, white-colored, thin somen noodles. Japanese-style soup with a refreshing flavor of dried bonito, kelp and shiitake mushrooms, and yuzu citrus. A fried egg with red ginger, a colorful egg, and green onions are added.

50 g (45 g noodles)

Fried noodles (wheat flour (manufactured in Japan), vegetable oil and fat, salt, vegetable protein, yam powder), soup (salt, lactose, soy sauce powder, katsuobushi powder, protein hydrolysate, niboshi powder, yeast extract, shiitake mushroom extract, kombu extract, shiitake mushroom powder, vegetable oil and fat, seafood extract, whole egg powder) Kayaku (fried egg with red ginger, egg, green onion) / processed starch, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), Ca carbonate, sodium phosphate, flavor, acidifier, antioxidant (vitamin E), caramel color, silicon dioxide granule, sweetener (kanzo, sucralose, acesulfame K), polysaccharide thickener, carotenoid color, Benicouzy pigment, (some of which contain wheat, egg, milk ingredients, mackerel, soybeans, and yam)



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