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Yamae Shokuhin Kogyo Takachihokyo Shiro Dashi




It is carefully made by combining carefully selected ingredients with dashi made from high-quality Kirishima mountain groundwater and sweet soy sauce prepared for Takachiho Gorge White Dashi. The double use of dried bonito and mackerel flakes gives the broth a richness, and honey is used as a secret ingredient to give it a richness rather than sweetness, making it an easy and delicious alternative to usukuchi soy sauce for a variety of dishes.


Soy sauce (made in Japan), fructose glucose liquid sugar, salt, bonito flakes extract, sugar, molasses, honey, bonito flakes (coarsely crushed), protein hydrolysate, mackerel flakes (coarsely crushed), kelp extract, yeast extract / seasoning (amino acid, etc.), alcohol, caramel color, vitamin B1, (some parts contain wheat, soybeans, mackerel)



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