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Umaji Mura Ponzu Shoyu Yuzu No Mura




Yuzu no Mura" is a long-selling ponzu soy sauce that won the grand prize at the "101 Villages of Japan" exhibition.

The perfect balance of mellow bonito dashi and our famous yuzu (yuzu citrus) has many uses, including use as a Japanese dressing for raw vegetables, gyoza, cold tofu, sashimi, yakiniku sauce, etc. It is now used all year round at the dinner table as it "goes with everything.

Soy sauce (made in Japan), brewed vinegar, yuzu fruit juice, fructose glucose, flavor ingredients (bonito extract, kelp extract), mirin (Japanese sweet cooking sake), seasoning (amino acid, etc.), sake spirit, sweetener (licorice), (some soybeans and wheat are included)



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