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Sokensha Mayonnaise Yuseiran




This mayonnaise has a light, mild flavor and is made with eggs from chickens raised in a rich environment in Japan, where they are free to roam around and naturally cross-pollinate. The oil is a blend of rapeseed oil and safflower oil squeezed only by the pressing method. No seasoning (amino acid) is used. Sugar is made from Hokkaido grown sugarcane. Convenient double cap type with star shape and narrow mouth.


Edible vegetable oil [rape oil (Australia), safflower oil (U.S.A. or Mexico)], egg yolk [chicken eggs (Hisazumi Kogen, Oita Prefecture, Shimoetsu region, Niigata Prefecture or Shizuoka)], vinegar [apple (Chile), sugarcane (Brazil, Thailand and other overseas countries)], sugar [sugar beet (Hokkaido)], salt (Australia, Kochi) Spices [mustard (Canada and other countries)], (contains egg and apple)



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