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O-Etsu Shokuhin Rice Mori No Kumasan 2kg




O-ETSU Foods" located in Hitoyoshi City, Kumamoto Prefecture, is a "rice specialty store" that handles a selection of rice from all over Kyushu. Hitoyoshi City, located in the southernmost part of Kumamoto Prefecture, is surrounded by the Kyushu Mountains and is rich in nature, with the second longest limestone cave in Japan, "Kusendo," the largest river in Kumamoto Prefecture, the Kuma River, and historical sites that flourished as a castle town from Kamakura to the end of the Edo period. Fresh and delicious rice grown in various parts of Kyushu is sold in Kumamoto, a land rich in nature.

Morinokuma-san" is a high-grade rice developed and grown in Kumamoto Prefecture, which is well known for its famous Kumamon (bear monster). It was named "Morinokuma-san" after Soseki Natsume, a great writer, who, while living in Kumamoto, described Kumamoto as "the city of forests" because of its lush greenery. Combining Koshihikari and Hinohikari, this high-quality rice inherits the good points of both, and has a proven track record for appearance, aroma, stickiness, firmness, and eating quality that has earned it a special A rating for five years. The rice grains are slightly finer in appearance, firm in elasticity, chewy in texture, strong in tenacity, beautifully glossy after cooking, and excellent in taste and flavor. It tastes great even when cold, so it is recommended for onigiri (rice balls) and bento boxes. Delivered in a cute Kumamon package.




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