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Nijiya Organic Uji Matcha Ceremonial Grande Tin




Nijiya's special organic matcha powder.
It has an elegant, astringent taste and is ideal for baked goods.
The flavor and color of matcha can be felt even after baking.
Matcha is powdered tea made from tea leaves (tencha) grown in the same way as gyokuro. Unlike other teas, matcha is not roasted, but rather consumed directly from the tea leaves, and is said to be highly effective for beautifying the skin. Here in the U.S., matcha is already well known and very popular for its delicious taste and health benefits. Our high quality matcha is made from organic tea leaves grown in Japan and blended by our resident tea masters to provide the same great taste year after year. This is a matcha that is packed with Nijiya's specialties, and we hope you will try it for yourself.




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