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Nagatanien Otona Furikake Honkatsuo




"Furikake" is a popular Japanese topping for rice. "Otona-no" means "for adults" in Japanese. But, it is not only for grown-ups. Here, “otona” carries the meaning of "high quality."
"Furikake" can even be used for salads and sautés. Each package contains five small packets. It’s convenient to carry anywhere! Bonito is a type of fish with a taste similar to tuna.

Seasoning granules (sugar, salt, maltose, dried bonito flakes, wheat flour, soy sauce, dried bonito flakes extract, yeast extract) (manufactured in Japan), seasoned bonito shavings, dried laver, sesame, flakes (wheat flour, starch, salt, sugar, vegetable oil and fat) / seasoning (amino acid, etc.), caramel color, antioxidant (vitamin E), carotinoid color, acidifier.
(Some of the ingredients include wheat, sesame and soybeans)

Allergen Information
Wheat, shrimp, crab, soybeans, sesame



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