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Kewpie Mayonnaise Light




This mayonnaise is made with a focus on the richness and umami of eggs and is low in calories.
Egg-flavored oil," a vegetable oil packed with the egg flavor typical of mayonnaise, is used, and by reducing the amount of vegetable oil to less than 20% of other Kewpie mayonnaise products, a calorie reduction of 80% is achieved. Kewpie's proprietary technology, which increases the surface area of the oil by making the vegetable oil particles finer and more uniform, ensures that even with the reduced amount of oil, the full-bodied, delicious flavor can still be enjoyed. From regular menus where mayonnaise is indispensable, to menus where you can eat plenty of vegetables. Please enjoy it in a wide range of menus.


Vinegar (produced in Japan), egg yolk, edible vegetable oil and fat, egg white, salt, dextrin, sugar, protein hydrolysate, spices, flavored cooking oil, thickener (xanthan gum, processed starch), seasoning (amino acid), sweetener (stevia), spice extract, (some contain egg, soy, apple)



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