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Iris Oyama Rice Yumepirika 1.5KG




Only "first-grade" Koshihikari rice from Niigata Prefecture, which is recognized as the most superior grade in rice hull inspections, is used. Freshly milled rice is divided into small portions of 2 cups each in highly airtight packs and sealed with an oxygen absorber. Oxygen absorber is sealed in the pack to prevent oxidation and deterioration of the rice. It also takes up less space when stored in the refrigerator.

Hokkaido Yumepirika is a new variety of rice produced in Hokkaido that was created in 2011. In a comparison test (Hokkaido/Tokyo), it surpassed Koshihikari, the king of rice, in popularity. It has a moderate stickiness and rich sweetness. The cooked rice is glossy, soft, and firm. We recommend eating it simply to enjoy the taste of the rice itself! It also has a sweet taste even after it cools down, does not harden, and has a good stickiness, making it ideal for lunch boxes and onigiri (rice balls).

Place of origin: Hokkaido
Raw material: Single-grain rice
Variety: Yumepirika
Content: 1.5 kg (300 g/2 cups x 5 bags)



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