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Iris Oyama Rice Tsuyahime 1.5KG




Only "first-grade" rice from Yamagata Prefecture's Tsuyahime, which is recognized as the most superior grade in rice hull inspections, is used, and the rice is freshly milled and divided into two portions in highly airtight packs and sealed with an oxygen absorber. Oxygen absorber is sealed in the pack to prevent oxidation and deterioration of the rice. It also takes up less space when stored in the refrigerator.

Launched in 2010! A new variety of rice from Yamagata Prefecture with outstanding luster and taste. It has been shown to surpass Koshihikari not only in taste, but also in grain size, moisture content, and stickiness. The appeal of this rice is its large, firm grains and refreshing, elegant flavor. It is recommended for onigiri (rice balls), as the taste does not fade even when cold.

Production area: Yamagata Pref.
Brown rice: Single origin rice
Variety: Tsuyahime
Contents: 1.5 kg (300 g/2 cups x 5 bags)



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