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Hokuren Tensai Tou




Sugar beet derived from Hokkaido sugar beet*1 .
This sugar is gentle to the stomach and contains oligosaccharides.
In addition, the sweetness of "sugar beet" is mild and refined.
It is used in coffee, tea, and sweets. It also adds richness and flavor to dishes.
It is a sugar that should be actively used for simmered dishes, teriyaki, and other dishes.

Tensa (Beet)
Sugarcane from Okinawa and Kagoshima is known as the raw material for sugar. However, the raw material for sugar made from sugar beets is sugar made from sugar beets produced in Hokkaido.
It is one of Hokkaido's representative agricultural and livestock products, along with potatoes and milk. and milk, and is produced only in Hokkaido in Japan.
Tensai sugar made from this beet is mildly sweet and tasty. It is mildly sweet, full-flavored, and rich in flavor. It also contains natural minerals and oligosaccharides.
It is a sugar with a variety of charms.



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