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Nissin Shokuhin Ramenyasan Hokkaido Sapporo Miso 5P




A taste of Hokkaido at home!
The soup is rich with the umami of Hokkaido brewed miso and ginger flavor, and the noodles are made with Hokkaido whole wheat flour.
Cook the noodles in boiling water for 4 minutes, add the included powdered broth, and voila!

88g x 5 packs

Fried noodles (wheat flour (produced in Japan), vegetable oil and fat, whole wheat flour, salt, soy sauce), soup (powdered miso, salt, sugar, spices, powdered soy sauce, yeast extract) / processed starch, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), caramel color, brine, Ca carbonate, carotenoid color, flavor, antioxidant (vitamin E), spice extract, acidity Spice extract, Acidifier, (some of them contain wheat, milk ingredients, squid, soybeans)



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