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Nijiya Ponzu 4 Premium Japanese Citrus




Nijiya carefully selects four kinds of citrus fruits (sudachi, yuko, yuzu, and mikan) from Japan and combines their juices in a well-balanced way to create Nijya's original "4 Kinds of Citrus Ponzu.
Nijiya's original product, "4 Kinds of Citrus Ponzu" is a well-balanced combination of the juice of each fruit. The mandarin orange juice, in particular, is characterized by its fruity sweetness and mild acidity. These fruit juices blend well together to create an even more exquisite flavor and aroma. It also has a strong flavor of Soda bonito and Rishiri kelp, which are considered rare for use in ponzu. Naturally, there are no chemical seasonings, colorings, or preservatives added to this ponzu vinegar, so you can truly enjoy Nijiya's commitment to quality.


Ingredients: Soy Sauce, Water, Sudachi Citrus Juice, Mirin Sweet Rice Seasoning, Yukou Citrus Juice, Sugar, Yuzu Citrus Juice, Fermented Vinegar, Concentrated Orange Juice, Dried Souda Bonito Flakes, Kombu Seaweed, Yeast Extract, Dried Mackerel Flakes, Dried Anchovy Flakes



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