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Nagatanien Hot Cake Mix Hotel New Otani




Pancake mix supervised by Hotel New Otani.
It was the first Western-style product to be released in 1977 under the supervision of the Hotel New Otani. The moment you open the bag, the sweet aroma of vanilla will spread in your mouth. This product was developed with the aim of creating a luxurious pancake mix with a soft and moist texture that will satisfy not only children, but adults as well. Try it with the optional maple syrup.

500g (4 servings x 2)
Pancake mix (200g x 2 bags)
Maple syrup (25 g x 4 bags)

Hot cake mix:Wheat flour, Sugar, Glucose, Skimmed milk powder, Sall, Baking powder, Flavor, Color(Vitamin B2), Maple type syrup:Starch syrup, Sugar mixed with high-fructose corm syrup, Sugar, Salt, Color(caramel),Flavor.



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