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Kanetoshi Premium Koboku Yuzu




This rare yuzu juice is hand-squeezed from the precious "koboku yuzu".
koboku Yuzu is a seedling grown from a seedling that is over 100 years old. It is characterized by its deep roots, firm skin, high aroma, high acidity and high sugar content. The yuzu boasts the highest quality with its original color, thick skin, and the perfect balance of mild and deep taste with condensed sourness and sweetness, as well as a prestigious aroma. It can be enjoyed in nabe dishes, vinegared dishes, salad dishes, tofu dishes, sashimi, tempura, grilled fish, grilled meat, soups, sushi rice, bonito flakes, dressings and desserts. It is salt-free, so it can also be used with alcohol and desserts.


Yuzu (from Kochi Prefecture)



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