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Kamada Shoyu Dashi Shoyu Pack




Dashi Shoyu" by Kamada Shoyu, a pioneer in dashi shoyu.
This flavorful dashi shoyu is made from honjozo soy sauce blended with carefully selected dashi broth made from mackerel, bonito, and kelp.

Dashi Shoyu was born from a female employee's comment, "Udon no Dashi can be used to make delicious simmered dishes in a short time, which is convenient for busy housewives.
This soy sauce was born from the words of a female employee who said, "Udon no dashi is convenient for busy housewives to make delicious stew in a short time.
It is an all-purpose soy sauce with dashi, a blend of honjozo soy sauce and dashi made from carefully selected ingredients.
Since its launch in 1965, it has been used by many people for more than 50 years.

Contents: 200ml

Soy sauce (including wheat and soybeans) (made in Japan), mirin (sweet cooking sake), salt, glucose-fructose liquid sugar, syrup, sugar, mackerel flakes, dried bonito flakes, protein hydrolysate, kelp, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), alcohol

Allergen Information
Wheat, mackerel, soybeans



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