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Kaisanbutsu Matsumura Soup Yaki Nori




Baked Nori Soup《Bag Type》, made from Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture, Japan.
Crunchy arare and plenty of seaweed!
Simply put it in a cup or bowl and pour hot water over it for a simple and authentic yakinori soup.
It can also be served with rice and ochazuke (rice with green tea).

48g (1 bag)

Salt (manufactured in Japan), sugar, mirin, soy sauce, sardine powder, bonito extract, kelp extract, tobiko (flying fish) powder, yeast extract, fish sauce and ingredients (grilled laver, arare, dried wakame seaweed, dried Hitoegusa, agar agar), seasoning (amino acid, etc.), (contains some wheat and soybeans)



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