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Igarashi Seimen Ramen Kitakata Shoyu




Kitakata Shoyu Ramen is one of the three best ramen in Japan.
Kitakata Soy Sauce Ramen features thick, flat, curly noodles that have been aged and dried at a low temperature for 48 hours without being fried, a light soy sauce soup with a distinctive flavor, and thick, chewy noodles.

70g noodles, 35g soup

Noodles: wheat flour, salt, brine, water
Soup: soy sauce, vegetable protein hydrolysate, sugar, salt, edible oils and fats, kelp extract, onion, Chinese cabbage extract, fermented seasoning, garlic, ginger, pepper, pickled bamboo shoot powder, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), sake spirit, thickener (processed starch), water



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