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AGF Blendy Cafelatory Hazelnut Latte




“Hazelnut Latte” from the "from the popular, high-quality instant stick series "Blendy® Café Latte®" featuring foam.
When you pour hot water into a cup of coffee, the foam rises softly and becomes a cup of latte.
This hazelnut latte combines rich coffee and thick milk with the flavor of hazelnuts.
Please try it at home and enjoy the moment when you put your mouth to the smooth foam.


Creaming powder (including dairy ingredients) (manufactured in Japan), instant coffee, sugar, dextrin, skimmed milk powder / pH adjuster, milk protein, flavor (from milk), stabilizer (processed starch), sweetener (aspartame L-phenylalanine compound, acesulfame K), emulsifier, silicon micronized oxide, Seasoning (amino acids, etc.)



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