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Lotte Funwari Petit Cake Strawberry Zuccotto




A fluffy petit cake made in collaboration with the popular travel guidebook "Kotorippu. It expresses the taste of Amaou zuccotto from the cafe "Kisshoka" in Fukuoka. The softly textured cocoa cake is sandwiched between chocolate and Amaou strawberry custard cream. The strawberry juice used is all from Fukuoka Prefecture's Amaou strawberries. Enjoy the feeling of traveling with Kotorippu at home.

8 pieces

Sugar (foreign or domestic), liquid egg, wheat flour, vegetable oil and fat, shortening, cacao mass, sugar syrup, reduced sugar syrup, lactose, whole milk powder, cocoa powder, skimmed milk powder, cream, strawberry juice concentrate, Western wine, salt, dried whole egg, whey protein, dairy lactic acid beverage (sterilized)/sorbitol, processed starch, sake spirit, emulsifier (from soybean), acidifier, flavor, benikoji color, leavening agent



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