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Kikkoman Hon Tsuyu Enbun & Toshitsu Off




This is a 4X concentrated soup with 40% less salt and sugar.
Five kinds of dashi (bonito flakes, tuna flakes, sardine flakes, soda bonito flakes, and Rausu kelp) are combined with soy sauce that enhances the flavor of the dashi. The rich flavors of the dashi and soy sauce allow you to make delicious, deep-flavored dishes while cutting down on salt and sugar.
Dashi ingredients are 100% domestically produced.
4 times concentrated
No potassium chloride


Soy sauce (including soybeans and wheat) (manufactured in Japan), sugar, dried bonito flakes (bonito, tuna, sardine, dried bonito), glucose-fructose liquid sugar, salt, wheat fermentation seasoning liquid, bonito flakes extract, yeast extract, kelp broth, mirin, bonito extract/seasoning (amino acids, etc.), acidifier, alcohol, etc.
Alcohol, acidifier



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