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Yamae Shokuhin Kogyo Takachihokyo Agodashi Tsuyu




This straight type men-tsuyu is made from grilled and dried flying fish, dried bonito flakes, kelp, and other ingredients, and has a soft aroma unique to grilled fish. It has a soft aroma unique to baked sardines, and is a rich, straight type of men-tsuyu with honey.


Soy sauce (made in Japan), sugar (fructose glucose liquid sugar, sugar), fermentation seasoning, honey, salt, concentrated baked-ago soup stock, dried bonito flakes (coarsely crushed), bonito flakes (coarsely crushed), mackerel flakes (coarsely crushed), kelp extract, fish sauce, dried bonito flakes extract, baked-ago, yeast extract/seasoning (amino acid, etc.), alcohol, caramel coloring, acidity, etc. Caramel coloring, Acidifier, (Some ingredients include wheat, soybeans, and mackerel)



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