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Nagatanien Fuwafuwa Aankake Tamago




Akashiyaki style Souzai ingredients made with egg and green onion, convenient when you want one more dish.
The set includes "sauce with ingredients" with carrots and octopus, and "fluffy powder" which is mixed with egg to make it fluffy. It has a gentle flavor with bonito broth that goes well with the soft texture.

130.6g (2 servings)
126g sauce with ingredients, 4.6g fluffy powder
Fluffy Flour 4.6g

Sauce with Ingredients (soy sauce (made in Japan), carrot, octopus, mirin, sugar, salt, dried bonito shavings, yeast extract, dried bonito powder/glue (processed starch), seasoning (amino acid, etc.), acidifier, (contains some wheat and soybeans)), fluffy powder (starch, salt, sugar, dried bonito extract, yeast extract/baking powder, seasoning (nucleic acid, etc.), acidifier) Nucleotides, etc.), acidifiers)



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