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Kagoshima Pearl Rice Rice Akihonami Musenmai 2 Cups




This is BG no-rinse rice that can be cooked without washing.
The rice is sticky, has large grains, sweet and tasty, and tastes good even when cold. It is an original variety developed by the Kagoshima Prefectural Agricultural Development Center as an alternative to Hinohikari rice to avoid quality deterioration caused by high-temperature damage and to emphasize good taste.
This is a 2-portion (2 to 3 cups of rice) use-up type.

What is BG Musharashi?
BG Musharaki-Mai is a safe and secure no-rinse rice production method that removes the skin nuka by skin nuka.
It cooks deliciously without losing the umami and water-soluble nutrients of the rice.

2 cups (290g)



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