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YBC Aearial Rich Cheddar Cheese




A corn snack with a four-layer structure made using a proprietary process.
The light and crispy texture, which has never been seen before, will leave you with a lasting impression.

Aerial" with twice-covered cheddar cheese.
The rich, full-bodied flavor of the cheese powder and cheese cream gives it a rich, full-bodied taste.

Corn grits (manufactured in Japan), vegetable fats and oils, starch, shortening, lactose, sugar, and sugar.
Shortening, lactose, sugar, cheese powder, salt, glucose, protein hydrolysate
Glucose, Protein hydrolysate, Milk, etc., Creaming powder, Yeast extract powder
Creaming powder, yeast extract powder, onion powder, spices
Onion powder, Spices, Dextrin, Miso powder
miso powder/processed starch, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), flavoring, baking soda, paprika pigment
Flavoring, Sodium bicarbonate, Paprika color, Emulsifier, Sweetener (sucralose)
sweetener (sucralose), spice extract, emulsifier, soybean flour, onion powder, soybean flour, soybean flour, onion powder, soybean flour
(Some ingredients include wheat, dairy ingredients, soybeans)

Allergen Information
Milk, wheat, soybeans



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