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Yamae Shokuhin Kogyo Takachihokyo Katsuo Umakuchi Tsuyu




It is a straight-type men-tsuyu (noodle soup) with a thick yet refreshing taste, containing honey and rich broth made from freshly shaved dried bonito flakes from our own factory and water from the Kirishima mountain range located in southern Kyushu. It can be used not only as a dipping sauce for somen noodles, soba noodles, udon noodles, and tempura sauce, but also for chilled tofu, rice bowls, simmered dishes, and all kinds of other dishes.


Soy sauce (made in Japan), sugar (fructose glucose liquid sugar, sugar), bonito flakes (coarsely crushed), fermentation seasoning, honey, salt, bonito flakes extract, mackerel flakes (coarsely crushed), dried bonito extract, kelp extract, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), caramel color, acidifier, (contains wheat, soybeans, mackerel)



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