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Yamae Shokuhin Kogyo Nabe Paste Kyushu Mugi Miso




In addition to nabe (hot pot), you can easily and quickly make arranged recipes such as claypot meat, miso ramen, cabbage rolls, and other dishes such as yaki udon, stewed udon, jarred noodles, stir-fried hormone, fried rice, and dengaku miso. The spout container can stand on its own in the refrigerator, so it can be stored anywhere after opening.


Miso (made in Japan), soy sauce, fructose glucose liquid sugar, sugar, fermented seasoning, salt, protein hydrolysate, apple, bonito flakes extract, garlic, sesame, dried bonito extract seasoning, yeast extract, bonito stock, sesame oil, kelp extract, seasoning oil, hot pepper paste, vinegar, spices, thickening agent (processed starch, xanthan), sake spirit, seasoning (amino acid), and soy sauce. Spice thickener (processed starch, xanthan), sake spirit, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), pH adjuster, spice extract, (contains wheat, soybeans, apples, sesame and mackerel in some cases)



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