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Yamae Shokuhin Kogyo Dressing Soratobu Onion




This refreshing non-oil Japanese dressing is made with Miyazaki Prefecture's sweet and juicy "flying onion" brand onions. Flying Onion" is an early-growing onion from the Nobeoka area of Miyazaki Prefecture, which grows quickly due to the long hours of sunlight unique to southern Kyushu, and is ready for shipment in January. The name "Flying Onion" was born from the farmer's dream to deliver these onions as quickly as possible, as if they were flying in the sky. These onions have a juicy, mildly sweet taste even when eaten raw. Please try this dressing, which can be used not only for raw vegetable salads, but also for a wide range of other dishes such as hot vegetable salads, hamburgers, and grilled meat.

250 ml

Onion (Miyazaki Prefecture), soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, kabosu juice, salt, fermented seasoning, garlic, sesame, yeast extract, spices, dried bonito extract



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